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Bluetooth trackers provide an inexpensive method of keeping tabs on valuable items such as keys and other things you cannot afford to lose. The TrackR Pixel model is a refinement or an upgrade from the TrackR Bravo, which we also reviewed a while back.

If you are not familiar with TrackR line on Bluetooth Item trackers, I would recommend you to read our TrackR Bravo review first as it goes more in-depth on the features.

In this review, we are going to focus on the upgrades over the old Bravo model.

Tracker Pixel pricing starts at $24,95 each but you can save money by getting them in bundles of 8 for an example.

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The TrackR Pixel Review

It is a keyring-sized gadget that many people have used over the years. The Pixel Model is tiny and measures about 26 mm in diameter and approximately 5.6 mm thick…

…In fact, it is small to the extent that no hole through which you can thread your keyring.

However, instead a short cord is offered, or you can simply use the sticky pad to attach it to a flat surface – a great way to securely attach it bulky devices such as TV remote.

This product is also light in weight, and you would be happy to attach it to your dog or cat collar. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can lose your pet within the Bluetooth range, but it is wise to do this if you want to enjoy the benefit of the Crowd Locate Network, which usually offers a last-known location if another TrackR Pixel user picks up the signal of the lost pet.

TrackR Pixel has integrated LED light to help you find it in dark

The new feature accompanied by this TrackR Pixel is the built-in Blue LEDs. The Blue LEDs usually flash along with the 90dB siren which is more louder compared to the Bravo Model. In fact, this will assist you in searching your valuable items and lost keys in the dark, or when you have accidentally placed a piece of paper or any other transparent thing over your keys.

This will assist you in searching your valuable items and lost keys in the dark, or when you have accidentally placed a piece of paper or any other transparent thing over your keys.

Battery Life

The device battery is still replaceable, similar to the TrackR Bravo model. You can replace the battery easily by twisting off the rear cover to reveal a CR2016 coin cell.

Another impressive feature is the Alexa integration. Instead of having to grab your device such as phone and launch the TrackR App, you can just ask Alexa to find your missing items like a lost wallet, journal, or keys.

Similar to the TrackR Bravo Model, it is possible to press the button on this Pixel Model to ring your phone. This feature is ideal, especially if you have your keys in your pocket, but you have misplaced your phone. The device can work extremely well in finding your phone back.

TrackR Pixel Bundle of 8

TrackR Pixel Performance

Another improvement of the TrackR Bravo model is an increased range. However, it has no significant difference noticed in the real world. The Pixel is powered by a standard coin cell. Most of its features appear similar to the Bravo, and it suffices to say that this is a particular boon for those people who have been known to drop their valuable items in dark parking lots or of course, dimly lit locations.

The pixel version of TrackR comes accompanied with some significant upgrades over the TrackR Bravo Model such as its integrated LEDs to get them located even in the dark places. Imagine dropping your keys in a dark parking lot for example.

TrackR Pixels is also significantly smaller than Bravo. It is surprising that the device battery is replaceable.

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