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Do you tend to forget your keys, phone or wallet when rushing out? Technology companies are famous for solving and finding the most sophisticated solutions to all problem that most people encounter over and over. Keeping your valuables safe is one of them and that’s why we are reviewing The TrackR Bravo to see if this really is the best Bluetooth tracking device out there.

A Bluetooth tracking device can be a huge timesaver, and with the TrackR Bravo, you can attach this coin-sized fob to anything that is valuable to you such as your keys, your bike or just a wallet. It all works from an App, and when you cannot find them, you simply check the app, and it will tell you it’s last detected location.

A trackable item could be anything, especially if your home is full of kids things like TV remotes, school bags, or even kids favorite teddy bears go missing constantly.

So let’s dive in to see how TrackR Bravo can help you keep your stuff safe…

EDIT: Since writing this review, TrackR has released a new improved model called TrackR Pixel. You can read the review here.

The TrackR Bravo Review

The TrackR Bravo is an excellent and lightweight device that can slip easily onto a keychain. In fact, you are more likely to forget it until you lose your key or when you require it, TrackR Bravo performs its incredible duties like a charm.

The pricing for TrackR Bravo starts from $29.99 on Amazon, but let’s face it you need more than one and you can get them cheaper when buying in bundles.

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How does TrackR Bravo Work?

The Bravo model is a coin-shaped disk with approximately 0.14-inches thick and also, a diameter of about 1.2 inches. In fact, this model is among the smallest key finders I have ever come across all over the market. It usually fits comfortably onto the keychain. The founder company, TrackR, produced TrackR Bravo before the Pixel. TrackR Bravo consists of all features you require from any key finder. It connects to your device over Bluetooth and the App on your device. It is compatible with either the Android or iOS devices. It allows you to set an audible sound alarm to track down whatever is a misplaced item you have attached to it.

Its key-finding feature is effortless to operate:

  1. press and hold the button on TrackR Bravo
  2. and your phone will immediately produce a sound alarm.

TrackR Bravo is small and lightweight

TrackR Bravo performance

In this review, I will be quite honest. The TrackR Bravo has a geofencing feature that makes sure it alerts you, especially when the device gets separated from your keys or any valuables it’s has been attached.

To enable this, you are required to dig a little bit into its settings. The geofence feature of TrackR Bravo model works very well.

In fact, there is no noticeable delay between the times you lose contact with the Bravo and the phone sound alert. In fact, if you have to experience some delays, it is very significant, and you will be able to track your property back.

It is also wise to point out that the TrackR Bravo Company did something intelligent and incredible with their alarm noise on the Bravo model.

It produces an escalating pitch to the alert. However, you could not have this as the world best hearing, but you could still pick up the higher end of the alarm noise in any public park from approximately thirty to forty feet away.

You can also hear the device signal if even if it’s under a pile of laundry.

TrackR Battery Life

According to the standard requirements, you are supposed to replace the battery of TrackR Bravo after every year.

Replacing a battery should not give you a headache since it is easy to do with a swinging arm that usually pops out the TrackR Bravo and of course, holds the CR1620 battery in its place.

In fact, it is indeed easier to replace the Bravo’s battery compared to may of competitors devices.

Similar to the other competitors like Tile and Duet, all TrackR’s devices provide crowd-finding features.

This feature makes it possible to locate lost items through the network created by other TrackR users.

Every user in TrackR network sends anonymous data back to the cloud when they are in the range of another untracked TrackR device.

Features of TrackR Bravo Model

For those who have a habit of leaving anything behind, the Bravo App have the option of enabling a separation alerts, which always trigger an audible notification whenever your phone and the paired TrackR Bravo, become too far apart.

The alarms can be triggered manually too and work in both ways to ring the smartphone by pressing the lone button on your device or using the App to find the TrackR device.

Bravo gets its power from a CR1620 battery, which lasts up to one year before the need for replacing.

The process of replacing requires no more than unfolded paper clip inserted into a small hole along the edge and then pry out the battery.

The process of pairing TrackR Bravo with your Android smartphone or iPhone is a snap, but you are required to first sign up for free with the TrackR service.

For those people who are interested in finding lost items around the house, the Bravo App also displays an impressive map of the surrounding area, with a clear and precise guidance on how close you are to the selected TrackR Bravo.

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