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Spring is here and it’s time to get the bikes out and ready for the summer. But have you got all your bike accessories up to date for them to go our and enjoy the day cycling?

If you’re still looking to add few items to purchase for your child’s bike setup, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve picked some best-looking gear for you, including bike bells, helmets, and locks so you keep your kids both looking cool and safe on the road.

Kids bike bells

Kids love bike bells, don’t they? Bells are an essential bike accessory for road safety.

But that’s not all, they can also play a big part in keeping them motivated to keep learning to cycle, especially when the training wheels come off.

Here are few bells that will make them feel proud to hop on that bike.

Cute ladybug bike bell for kids

Ladybug bike bell

Girls love ladybugs, don’t they? This fun looking bell looks cute both looks good and sounds cheerful. It will open its wings when you press the antennas, revealing the actual bell. The bell is available in 4 different colors and you can find it from multiple merchants on Amazon or from our Product deals.

Adorable cartoon character bike bell for kids

Cartoon character bike bell

The cute bike bell looks like a cartoon character sitting on your handlebars. You can choose from 2 different characters and 4 colors.

Beeb bicycle bells are hand-painted in Australia

Beep Bicycle Bells

Beep Bicycle Bells is a small, independent bike accessory company based in Australia making unique and hand-painted bike bells that come in various designs and a collection designed for kids aswell. They are a bit more on the expensive side, but Hey, where can you quality find hand-painted bells like these nowadays?

Find out more at their website.

Orp Smart Horn combines loud bike bell and bike light

ORP Smart Horn & Light

I own one of these myself, and our daughter loves it too.  It’s basically a bike light and a horn in a same device and charges via USB, so no batteries are needed. Available in many colors including pink and different alert tones. As a word of caution, I do have to mention the horn sound is very loud. For older kids who can be sensible about using it, this sure is a cool gadget they will love.

Kids bike helmets

The BMX/skateboard style helmets would be my choice, they look great and can be used in multiple sports. We’ve got them on for ice skating, skateboarding, and anything really where you would need a helmet.

BELL helmets are popular kids bike accessories with variety of colors and design to choose from

BELL Helmets

Our daughter wears a BELL helmet, which has been great. They come with 3 different sized pads so the helmet goes a long way, they stick on with velcro pads so you can also swap them pretty quick for example when wearing a hat underneath in wintertime.

BELL helmets come in so many unique designs and colors including Hello Kitty and Star Wars editions that anyone can find a favorite to suit their individual taste.

Bern helmets come with their unique look and many styles to choose from

Bern helmets

I’ve had a Bern helmet myself and can highly recommend them, the are models available for kids too. Bern helmets are slightly more expensive but have their own unique looks.

Some other popular option to check out is  Nutcase helmets.

Animal shaped bike helmets will make cycling fun form younger kids

Animal shape helmets

For smaller kids just learning on a pushbike or scooter, you might want to get something more fun to wear. These animal helmets will definitely make them proud to hit the roads, they are also very lightweight so they can really focus on learning to ride.

Many merchants on Amazon carry these, so you might want to browse around for a bit to find the one you like and also compare prices as they do vary.

Cable combination lock is a practical choice for children

Kids bike locks

If your going to leave your bikes outside, a lock is a must have to include in your kid’s bike setup. But what kind of bike lock should you choose?

If you cycle with them a secure option is to carry a Kryptonite U-lock with cable yourself, so you can easily strap your kid’s bikes together with your own.

For children to have their own locks, a self-coiling cable lock is really the most convenient option, they come in many different colors and include a holder so you can keep them attached to the bike all the times.

Keep losing those keys? Why not get a one with a combination lock instead.

We’d love you hear your ideas

Have you got something that should go on the list? We would love to hear, so let us know in the comments below.