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Tea. So many ways to prepare and drink it, most of them boring and repetitive. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are ways you can spice up tea time for you and your family. One of the simplest, yet most effective is to use specially designed tea infusers. They are practical in helping you get the most out of your tea and the intricate design makes them fun, the ultimate gift for the tea enthusiast.

So, the next time you want to make tea time more enjoyable, or you can’t quite figure out what to gift your tea-loving aunt, try the following.

Adorable platypus shaped tea infuser

1. Cute Platypus Shape Tea Infuser

This eco-friendly tea infuser is the perfect shape and style to help promote tea drinking for kids. But as cartoonish as it looks, it is still as effective as you’d expect a tea infuser to be. It’s the perfect tool for the fun-loving tea-drinker and an ideal gift for any occasion.

Umbrella tea strainer

2. Cute Umbrella Shaped Tea Infuser

Who says only cocktails get to have cute little umbrellas in them? Get this silicone cute little umbrella for your tea and flaunt tea time as you would any cocktail. It is not just pretty to look at but functions just as you’d expect for an infuser. Have a relative who enjoys cocktails, give them this little umbrella for their tea as a spoof gift.

Herbal submarine silicone tea infuser

3. Herbal Submarine Silicone Tea Infuser

This specially designed tea infuser with a 50ml capacity also makes an ideal and fun way to make tea. Infusers like this one are ideal for teas with larger leaves and as such would work for the health-conscious tea-drinker. Just place your ingredients inside the submarine and let it sink into your cup for the perfect infusion. The chain makes it easy to pull the infuser out when your tea is just as you like it.

Lemon shape tea infuser

4. Lemon Shape Tea Infuser

Do you simply love lemon tea? Why not let everyone know that in style with this uniquely designed fruit shape tea infuser. Of course, you could use it for more than just lemon tea. In fact, its larger 301 to 400 ml capacity makes it the ideal infuser for just about any type of tea. The lemon shape just makes it look like your drinking lemon tea all the time. Once again, it’s very easy to use. Just place your tea ingredients in the lower half of the lemon and put the whole thing in water. The large, leafy green stalk at the end of the infuser let’s pull it out when your tea is just right.

Strawberry tea filter

5. Lovely Silicone Strawberry Tea Infuser Filter

Just as beautiful as the lemon shaped one, this tea strainer is just as practical with a 50ml capacity, useful for almost all kinds of tea. It is also just as easy to use. All you have to do is open the lower half, place your ingredients inside and use the stalk to place it in water.

Mr. Tea infuser

6. Mr. Tea Silicone Tea Infuser

Mr. Tea is bound to make tea time interesting. The silicone figurine’s lower body holds the ingredients, and he sits in the tea water until the tea is just right. The fact that he’s made of tasteless silicone means that he won’t affect the quality and taste of your tea in any way. Just place the ingredients in his little pants and enjoy. He also makes a fine gift.

Lollipop silicone tea infuser

7. Silicone Lollipop Tea Infuser

Bound to attract attention just as much as Mr. Tea will, this lollipop-shaped infuser is a great addition to your tea collection. Just place the leaves on the container and dip the lollipop in water. It is also made from food grade silicone that will not affect the taste and can withstand high temperatures.

All of the above tea accessories are ideal for the ardent tea enthusiast and therefore the perfect gift if you know one. If drinking tea is a new habit you’d like to develop, having a fun accessory might help you look forward to tea time.

Snail shaped tea bag holders

For those who love tea bags

Would you rather use tea bags? This cute Snail Shaped Silicone Tea Bag Holder is the ideal gift for you. They come in five pieces and are ideal for holding your tea bag in place while the tea brews. They are also quite adorable and an interesting addition to your collection.

Why not make tea time more appealing with these inexpensive, practical and appealing accessories?